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525 S. 5th Street
Bismarck, ND 58504-5702
525 S. 5th Street
Bismarck, ND 58504-5702
Petco Bismarck Storefront
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Petco Bismarck

525 S. 5th Street
Bismarck, ND 58504-5702
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Full-Service Grooming Bismarck | Petco

Pet Grooming in Bismarck, ND

Cat & Dog Grooming is more than skin-deep -- it's essential care for a healthy life. Our certified groomers offer Cat & Dog Grooming services - from baths to nail trims to haircuts - that are designed to suit any need and budget so your pet looks good and feels great year-round. Earn Pals Rewards with each visit, book an appointment for your dog or cat today!
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Curbside Pickup
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Repeat Delivery
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Free Same-Day Delivery
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Welcome to your Petco Pet Store in Bismarck, ND!

Welcome to your Petco Pet Store in Bismarck, ND!

Your neighborhood Petco is open and ready to welcome you back with new cleanliness and safety standards. Shop in-store or try our new curbside pickup service and save on your order with pick-up available in 1-2 hours.

Following guidance from the CDC, beginning Friday, May 21, facial coverings are optional for fully vaccinated guests in our Petco pet care centers, unless mandated by state or local government. Our Petco pet care center associates will continue wearing facial coverings while we carefully evaluate what this means within each local community. All other established safety protocols remain in place at all Petco pet care centers, distribution centers and national support centers.

Bismarck Petco Pet Care Center

Find pet food, supplies and solutions for all your beloved friends at the Bismarck Petco Pet Care Center. Get help selecting the best food and treats courtesy of Pet Care Center Associates at our Bismarck pet stores. Petco has high-quality solutions to stimulate your pet and keep them healthy.

Looking for a new companion? Our pet store in Bismarck hosts birds or reptiles for you to take home, and information on in-store and local adoption events where you can establish a connection with a new friend looking for a forever home. Remember, you'll need bedding, crates, food bowls, toys and more to ensure your new pet feels comfortable.

Your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center is here to help you care for your pet. Have your cat or dog looking their best with onsite cat or dog grooming in Bismarck courtesy of our certified stylists.

Dog training lessons not only help your dog listen better, they are also a good way to further establish a bond. Find clickers, toys, potty pads to use when you are ready to train your dog. The Bismarck Petco Pet Care Center also can help you select treats to use as positive reinforcement as you are training your dog. .

Petco Pet Care Center Associates understand how much you value your pets' health and wellbeing and are happy to help you find the proper care and solutions for them. Along with food and treats that facilitate good health and proper development, Petco has flea and tick solutions to help keep your cat or dog free of pests.

When the weather's right and you go to meet friends and enjoy the outdoors at a nearby park, you'll want to be sure to bring a leash and some toys. You want your dog or cat to have the best, and that includes a collection of fun, interactive and appropriate toys to help keep them stimulated all day long. You can also bring your pet to the store to discover what they prefer before purchasing.

If your friends are of the feathered or scaled sort, Petco has you covered. From terrariums and aquariums to bird cages, your pet will have a comfortable habitat to make their home. Whether you're looking for live crickets, red wigglers, fish flakes, mealworms, bird food or something else, Petco has the food your pet craves.

It's easy to get food, care and supplies for your pet from your local Bismarck pet shop. Stop by the store to browse, or check out our selection online and schedule a delivery or choose Curbside Pickup. If you'll be in the neighborhood, Petco's buy online, pickup in-store option allows you to shop and pay for items from the comfort of home and retrieve your purchase whenever you're nearby.

Since 1965, Petco has been the place to go to help keep pets healthy and happy. Allow us to be your health and wellness partners for the pets you love. Stop by the Bismarck Petco Pet Care Center at 525 S. 5th Street, near CVS, for your pet care needs.

Reptiles can make great pets from the aquatic turtles to the sun-loving snakes. Shop your Bismarck Petco store to find reptiles for sale to add to your family. Our variety of pet reptiles include snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises, frogs and toads, hermit crabs and invertebrates. Selection can vary based on location, call to confirm availability. Once you have selected your pet reptile, begin assembling the perfect habitat for their species. Shop the reptile supply aisles for everything your new pet will need including a terrarium and tank, food, substrate, hideaways and more.

Visit your Bismarck Petco store to view our freshwater fish available. Our vast selection of freshwater aquarium fish varies on what species are in store by location, contact your store for species availability. Our freshwater aquarium fish selection includes, but is not limited to Barbs, Bettas, Cichlid, Catfish, Danios and Minnows, Goldfish, Tetras and Sharks. At each Petco Aquatics Department, educated Petco partners are available to answer questions about the fish for sale, care required and essential supplies.

Our Aquatics Department is equipped to sell saltwater fish and provide everything you need to care for your pet. Educated Petco partners are available to answer questions regarding the saltwater fish available for sale, care required and essential saltwater fish supplies. Remember, the saltwater fish for sale varies by store, contact or stop in at your neighborhood Petco store to confirm species availability. Our vast selection of saltwater aquarium fish includes, but is not limited to Anthias, Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Lionfish, Pufferfish, Tangs and Surgeonfish.

Shop for tasty meals for your pet reptile. Your Bismarck Petco store carries a variety of menu options to satisfy your pet's hunger with nutrient dense foods. A balanced diet for your reptile can include, but not limited to, live crickets, mealworms and flies to frozen mice to dry reptile food. Our selection of reptile food can vary by store, contact your store to confirm availability.

Browse our selection of small pets for sale as the perfect addition to your family. Our small pet options include ferrets, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs. The small animals we have in store will vary by location, contact your Bismarck Petco store for availability. Consult your local veterinarian to make sure you and your family are ready to love and care for the new family member. Once you have decided which small pet to bring home, set up a habitat designed specifically for that species. Petco also carries everything you need to provide the perfect habitat for your new small pet including cages, feeders, tunnels, bedding and more. Refer to our Care Sheets on proper care of your new small pet.

Peruse the selection of birds for sale at your Bismarck Petco. Our pet birds for sale include cockatiels, parakeets, conures and finches. Each Petco location varies on what species are in store, please contact your Bismarck Petco store for availability. Learn more about each species of bird to determine which will make the best addition to your family from our live bird care sheets. Petco is your local bird store carrying essential supplies you need to provide your pet birds a habitat that can help keep them happy and healthy. Shop our bird cages, food, toys and more.


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