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Stores in Los Angeles, CA
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7288 W. Sunset Blvd. Suite 1d Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323) 851-0133
Directions 6.8 mi


5325 West Centinela Ave Los Angeles, CA 90045

(310) 215-3828
Directions 9.1 mi

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Petco Los Angeles Pet Stores

Petco pet stores in Los Angeles, CA offer a wide selection of top quality products to meet the needs of a variety of pets. High quality foods are available for nearly all pet types whether you have a dog, cat, reptile, fish, small animal or feathered friend. For your dog, find everything from dog tags and collars to beds and gates, bark control and everything in between. For cats, shop a wide selection of essentials including cat scratchers, cat litter, collars and more. You can also personalize pet ID tags for cats in-store, so your pet wears your most up to date contact information. For fish, small animals, reptiles, birds and more, the variety is immense. At Petco you can easily find small animal bedding, saltwater aquarium supplies, bird cages, habitat foggers, toys, treats and more.

Los Angeles Pet Supplies

Los Angeles is a sprawling city named as the center of the television and film industry for the nation. Close to the famous Hollywood sign and home to Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame, Los Angeles also has its share of pet and animal lovers. As visitors come to enjoy behind the scenes tours of Warner Brothers and Universal Studios, the locale close to the Pacific Ocean, and the balmy weather that is common year round, Petco is committed to providing locals and tourists alike with everything they need to keep their pets happy. Petco pet stores are conveniently located to serve the areas of Beverly Hills, Englewood, Hollywood, and Westchester. As your preferred pet store, you can count on us to provide you with everything you need to care for your pet, from chewing toys for dogs to saltwater aquarium supplies for your fish.

Show Your Pets the Love They Deserve

Whether it’s a Halloween costume for your puppy or pet vaccinations in Los Angeles, we have just what you need here at Petco. We want your pets to be healthy members of your family for the long-term. We make efforts to provide the dog food, cat food and vitamins and minerals your dog or cat needs to live a long, healthy, happy life. We offer more than what you need for the typical family dog or cat – Petco also has a wide variety of treats, food and habitat supplies for the following animals:
  • Fish
  • Small Animals (Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice)
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
At your local Los Angeles Petco, you’ll find everything from bird cages to small animal bedding in the same, conveniently located store near the beautiful neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Englewood, Hollywood, and Westchester. We know that every family is different, and we are confident we have everything you need to house and care for whichever pet you choose. When you choose Petco, you can go the extra mile in caring for your pet.

Petco’s Premium Pet Services

Along with everything you need to keep your pet healthy, comfortable and happy, we also offer a variety of premium services to guarantee that animals are well-taken care of and receive the proper cleanings and immunizations.
  • Pet Vaccinations
  • Dog Grooming in Los Angeles
  • Positive Dog Training Classes
  • Pet Adoption
  • Aquatics Department
Whether you want to give your dog a special day out at the salon so she looks and feels clean, or you need a class for dog training in Los Angeles, we have everything you need to accomplish your goals here at Petco. We are passionate about animals and how they are treated – and we strive to help pets find homes with people that will love them in the beautiful communities of Beverly Hills, Englewood, Hollywood, and Westchester. Come to Petco for your next pet adoption, and find everything you need to outfit your home for your new pet in the same store. We make it easy to add a cuddly, lovable animal to your home. Take advantage of our rewards program to earn money back on every purchase for your pet. No matter what type of animal you’ve added to your family, we’ll help you ensure that they are well taken care of and loved.

Stop By Today

Stop by Petco today for your Los Angeles pet supplies, and see for yourself that we are committed to making life better for every animal through quality products, services and supplies for animals.

Petco Full-Service Dog Grooming

Whether you’re looking for a fashionable makeover with a full-service bath and haircut, a quick trim or an a-la-carte service, your neighborhood Petco groomer is here to care for them completely.

Mobile Grooming

Receive the same outstanding dog grooming services as you would at your local Petco store, but you can also enjoy 100% kennel-free, one-on-one time with our certified groomer in a climate-controlled mobile grooming station. Mobile grooming is a great option to assist pets who struggle with anxiety or nervousness with grooming since there is no crating or transportation needed.

Positive Dog Training

Proper training is essential for you and your dog to live happily ever after. We offer group and individual classes for all ages of dogs based on a positive, rewards-based program you’ll both love.

Pet Hospital

Creating healthier relationships between pets and pet parents starts with a healthy pet. Whether it's a simple vaccination or a full-service consultation, we care every step of the way.

Vaccination Clinic

Don’t risk losing your dog or cat to a deadly disease. Bring your pet into the Vetco Vaccination Clinics where we offer a variety of affordable vaccinations care services to help ensure the health and well-being of your dog or cat.

Self-service dog wash

Bathing your dog at home can be a messy process. Our in-store self-wash stations let you give them the quick, quality wash and leave the clean-up to us. We also provide shampoo and conditioner, so you can pop in and pop out with ease.


Adding aquatic life to your home or workplace can be a complicated task. At Petco, our experts make it easy, and can help you quickly find the species, habitats, food and supplies you need to create your perfect world of water.

JustFoodForDogs Pantry

Find daily meals, prescription food, treats and more at our in-store pantries. Freshly made at local kitchens and instantly frozen, JustFoodForDogs meals are delicious right out of the package.

Adoption Habitats

Meet adoptable cats and kittens from your community, lovingly cared for right here at your Petco in partnership with a special local Animal Welfare Organization.

Pet Insurance

Compare pet insurance rates and select the best plan for your pet.